Sad Irish Soda Bread Story

This is the story of a perfectly made Irish Soda Bread that was forgotten on the counter and not taken to the party it was intended for.  Easy peazy  recipe with added dried cranberries, it was beautiful.  Although we did tear into it at around midnight, it had become slightly hard by then.  Still, it was good after drinking Irish Whiskey Ginger Beer all day.  Alas, no pictures as this was also an afterthought (that damn Whiskey Ginger Beer).

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Julia’s Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

Julia’s Chocolate Truffle Tartlets.

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Meeting Julia

I am so excited to be a part of Baking with Julia.  I met Julia in 1992 in Madison, Wisconsin with my husband.  Our restaurant was participating in a fund raiser with many other restaurants where she was  the guest host.  We were the smallest restaurant participating in the event.  Each restaurant had a table to showcase their food and we were put at the very end of the room making us the last table.  Julia tasted food from every table but somehow missed our little table.  Fortunately, her assistant noticed the oversight and when she informed Julia, she came running over to our table, apologized profusely and took a few bites of our food.  She then exclaimed in that wonderful voice of hers “I am so glad I did not miss this table, your food is truly fabulous!”.  I love to tell this story at our cafe and I can do a really good imitation of Julia:)  It is an awesome memory.  She also noted when she autographed our cookbook that it was the only book that the pages were covered in food and notations showing that we loved to cook from her book.  I will never forget that day.

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